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Mission / Vision

Mission.  Our mission is to enhance the professional success of our member organizations, to facilitate relationships with payers, encourage and facilitate the adherence to high ethical and professional standards, and to promote a better understanding of the services provided by our members.

Vision.  INPEAT achieves the mission by working to:

  1. Meet the recommendations of the 2013 Indiana Commission on Autism report.
  2. Standardize the structure of treatment plans, the process of approving treatment plans, billing codes, etc.
  3. Define "medical necessity" as related to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy and the standards used in determining necessity.
  4. Establish a means of effectively resolving issues when the ABA provider and the payer disagree on items such as:
    1. the number of hours of treatment;
    2. acceptable standards of care; and
    3. determination of progress.
  5. Establish quality assurance and accountability issues, including licensure of ABA professionals.

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